How to Discover if You’re Meant to be a Food Blogger

Deconstructed Steak Fajita at Split Rail Chicago - Food Blogger
Deconstructed Steak Fajita at Split Rail Chicago

How to Discover if You’re Meant to be a Food Blogger

I haven’t posted recently. First I got the flu and was traveling, but then mostly because I had been thinking about changing the scope and focus of my blog. I initially started blogging because I have a passion for food. I love cooking, markets, cookbooks, and restaurants. I’d also discovered that short-term fasting and healthy-ish recipes allowed me to balance indulging, without gaining weight. Since deciding to share my experiences, I’ve learned a lot about being a food blogger.


A Food Blogger who is a Recipe Developer

I’ve been cooking since I started college; I’ve worked in restaurants, and have dozens of cookbooks. Needless to say, I seldom make a recipe as it’s written. I  usually cut it in half, take out the things my family doesn’t like, and substitute vegetables or spices that are more suited to our palates. Nevertheless, I’ve come to see my approach to cooking as a version of recipe curation, not recipe development. True recipe development involves trying a litany of likely techniques in order to discover which will yield the best results. It also involves testing the final recipe repeatedly, in order to fine-tune the ingredient proportions and timing. While I might try several flavor combinations of a favorite technique, I lack the scientific rigor to continue testing once I have found a winning formula. For online recipes that have been tested thoroughly, I turn to Food & Wine and Bon Appetit.

Homemade Green Juice
Green Juice

Intermittent Fasting and Being a Food Blogger

I found the difference between short-term fasting and dieting so remarkable that I thought it was important to share my experience with others. Since then, intermittent fasting has become quite popular. There are now several successful ways to achieve results with short-term fasting, I don’t even use the 5:2 approach anymore. Many people who tried the 5:2 fast found themselves giving in to temptation at the end of the day.  Even though I usually made it, I often went to bed early on fast days. Personally, I find skipping breakfast is much easier than keeping my caloric intake down to 500 calories for a whole day. Whether you choose to fast for twelve or sixteen hours, the chance of giving up is still low because most of the fast will occur while you are asleep.  Nevertheless, the 5:2 fast gave me insights on how to make changes to my diet. If you want ideas on how to reduce portions, or increase the time between meals without feeling deprived, read my 5/2 Fast Meal Plan. For healthy-ish food, try my recipes. While I can attest to my personal success at combining healthy home-cooked meals with short-term fasting, I will leave the details to the experts. Read this Healthline newsletter for more information about intermittent fasting regimes.

Vintage Cookbooks- Food Blogger
Vintage Cookbooks

When Did Everyone Become a Food Blogger?

When I was a child, my parent’s obsession with food, restaurants and Gourmet magazine was definitely a niche interest. Now everyone shares it. Since great food and wonderful recipes are being created everywhere, I think I’m better suited to sharing the best of my food experiences rather than developing recipes. In recent months I’ve posted favorite recipes, seasonal trends, and restaurant reviews. I will continue to do that, as well as update the some of the best of my old posts.


Food and Travel Blogger

I love writing about food, but regularly publishing food-related content has made me realize that some of my most popular posts are my Chicago restaurant recommendations. I also find readers interested in my travel experiences. To that end, I am refocusing my blog to include other facets of my experience, and changing the name of my blog to A Chicago Life.

On Lake Michigan
On Lake Michigan

Travel with Me

I’m not from Chicago. Nevertheless, I love exploring it. Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, I always found unique and compelling places both in and around the city. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my adventures with my friends so I hope you will join me.  Moving to Hawaii and New York gave me rare exposure to unknown worlds and inspired me to seek out what sets a city apart.  Life in Chicago has been just as interesting. I’m excited to share more of what is remarkable in Chicago, as well as in my travels.

Downtown in NYC
Downtown in NYC

Curated Trips

There are so many ways to spend your days and evenings here. Whether you live in the Chicago area or somewhere else, I hope to provide you with new ideas on how to spend your time here. I will also continue to share my favorite food experiences, both at home and in the city.

Poochie's Char Dog with Grilled Onions
Poochie’s Char Dog with Grilled Onions in Skokie

Chicago Area Restaurant Reviews

New Restaurants are always appearing around Chicago. It’s hard to keep up. Here are some of my favorites. In Chicago, there’s nouvelle Indian Mango Pickle,  delicious baked goods at Cellar Door Provisions and inspired Mexican cooking at Ixcateco Grill. In Evanston, enjoy the variety of delicious comfort foods at upscale diner The Lucky Platter,  out of the ordinary Afghan dishes at Kabul House or Modern Thai cuisine at Na Korn.


I love to travel. I try to document my discoveries wherever I am. Some places I’ve enjoyed visiting are Quebec, Portland, OR, Portland, ME and DC. Read my posts and see if they sound like places you’d like to go. Please send me your favorite travel discoveries.


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