Possibly One of the Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants

Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants

There’s no shortage of good Mexican restaurants in Chicago. However with Cinco de Mayo around the corner, I have plans to go out for my favorite Mexican dish: mole. One the best Chicago Mexican restaurants is Ixcateco Grill in Chicago’s Albany Park.

Rack of Lamb in Black Mole Sauce

Mole at One of the Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants

I return to Ixcateco Grill often for their delicious moles. It’s colorful, busy and fun spot. The chef, Anselmo Raimirez, a veteran of Frontera Grill and Topolobambo creates delicious dishes from across the south of Mexico. Locally sourced, organic and sustainable, its fine dining in a neighborhood space. Like many small ethnic restaurants, it’s BYOB. Come prepared, or get some beer or tequila at the liquor store on the block.

One of the Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants, Ixcateco Grill
One of the Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants, Ixcateco Grill

Mole Choices

On my last visit we tried two moles: rack of lamb in a black mole and steak in a red mole sauce. They were both delicious and far too complex to make at home.

Steak in Red Mole Sauce

Salads at One of the Best Chicago Mexican Restaurants

I also love the beautiful salads. My favorite is Ensalada de Popo, wood grilled octopus in a smoky dressing with green beans, jicama, pea shoots and cherry tomatoes.

Grilled Octopus Salad

There is far more than mole at Ixcateco Grill. Try it the next time you want something special.

Ixcateco Grill’s Colorful Decor


Chicago Dining

There’s no shortage of great restaurants in the Chicago area. If you want to try a upscale version of the city’s favorite Asian cuisine, I recommend Na Korn in Evanston. I review the modern thai kitchen in my post Make Time For Bold Authentic Flavors at Evanston’s Na Korn.  I also like the contemporary Indian cuisine at Mango Pickle in Chicago. Read my review Why You Need to Try Chicago’s Amazing Mango Pickle to learn more. If you have never tried upscale middle eastern food I would suggest trying the Kabul House. They created a restful oasis when they moved to Evanston from Skokie. My review When You Are Looking for the Best Middle Eastern Food in Chicago will give you the details.


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