Why Fall is the Time for Salads

Salads Farmers markets are now bursting with delicious ingredients for salads. While I have yet to truly master grain salads, I thought I had tried most green salad combinations. Nevertheless, my love of caprese salads led me to a new flavor combination. Tomatoes Supermarket tomatoes cannot compare with their vine – ripened farmer’s market counterparts….

Starting the Holiday Season

  After Thanksgiving I always feel overwhelmed by food. I not only had the sandwiches and enchiladas, but have repurposed the stuffing and cranberries into new freezer-bound creations. Fasting Diet Fortunately, a virtuous desire for salad overwhelms me. Knowing more holidays and parties are ahead, I try to go back to the Intermittent Fasting Diet….

Time to Stock the Shelves

When the weather is bitter, I keep my shelves well stocked. Sometimes I just want to stay in with a book and a blanket. Variety I like to have a good selection of staples. I fill the freezer with chicken breasts, seafood, pork loin and flank steak; add some seeds and nuts to the frig…