What Made Chicago’s Good Food Festival Fascinating

Last week Chicago hosted the thirteenth annual Good Food Festival and Conference. Three days of discussion, learning and connecting about food that is local, sustainable and humane.

Good Food Festival & Conference

I was most interested in the discussion: Big Food’s Embrace of Good Food, and what that could mean. For small food businesses, Big Food has become a possible buyer or investor. As more consumers choose fresh food, Big Food needs to find new ways of reaching them. Increasingly Big Food is using their capital to invest in Good Food. As a consumer, I wonder if a major manufacturer can maintain the integrity of an artisanal product. Nevertheless, businesses adapt to changing markets and new opportunities.

Panel Discussion: Big Food’s Embrace of Good Food

Although I went to hear the policy discussions, I couldn’t help but be swept up by the commitment and innovation of the entrepreneurs. Unlike other food shows, every product met the festival’s standard of local, sustainable and humane. Here are some of my favorites:

Spice Foods Dry Roasted Almonds

Spice Foods dry roasted almonds are an addictive snack, both flavorful and satisfying.

Royal Pies

Not new, but hard to resist, Royal Pies.


One of Tea Squares’ flavors

Tea Squares are the product I want to watch. Can bite-sized, tea infused energy bars truly make you more alert?

A print ad for An Orchard In Every Bottle

I thought An Orchard in Every Bottle had the most compelling marketing design. Just looking at this ad made me thirsty.


The Cider Farm Apple Brandy

I loved the beautiful packaging of The Cider Farm Apple Brandy, a perfect gift for someone’s bar cart.


Greenstar Brewing

Finally, my last stop had to be Greenstar Brewing for the fun souvenirs.


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