Try a Chicken Ramen Recipe for the Best Chicken Soup

Miso Chicken Ramen
Chicken Ramen

Chicken Ramen Recipe

Have you tried a chicken ramen recipe?  I hadn’t, until recently. A soup often associated with pork; especially since pork belly – filled Momofuku Ramen ignited the current US craze.

Before Momofuku

Ramen shops  are not a new concept. They have long been a fixture of urban areas with Japanese populations. I first discovered them in midtown Manhattan. As a new graduate, I was drawn by both the tasty soups, and the enormous portions. One bowl was enough for two meals.

Fresh Spinach

Chicken Ramen Recipe as a Cold Remedy

Getting a cold saps my energy.  Nevertheless I still want homemade chicken soup to take away my chills. My traditional shortcut to a flavorful chicken soup, is to simmer a store-bought roast chicken carcass in broth with some aromatics. I then add the leftover shredded chicken, steamed vegetables and some egg noodles. Fortunately, I recently tried Justin Chapple’s Miso Chicken Ramen recipe, in this month’s Food & Wine. A quick weeknight dinner; this chicken ramen recipe is the fastest chicken soup I have ever made.

Shredded Chicken for Miso Chicken Ramen
Shredded Chicken

Making a Chicken Ramen Recipe

Famous ramen shops are known for the depth of flavor in their long-simmering broths. I will not pretend that this recipe competes with the complexity of those soups. However, what I love about it, is how quickly a tasty broth is created from just the ingredients in my pantry.

White Miso

Chicken Ramen Recipe Hacks

Ramen Hacks is the colloquial term for improving the taste of packaged ramen, usually with Asian sauces. This recipe takes that idea, and elevates it by including fresh ingredients as well. Miso, chicken broth, soy and Sriracha form the backbone of the soup. The poached chicken breast and fresh vegetables make it a memorable meal. Since my family does not care for boiled eggs, my hack on this recipe eliminates them, and includes corn (frozen, if fresh isn’t available) and fresh spinach. I have to admit to a certain glee in taking the ramen wheat noodles out of their cellophane wrapping and transforming them into this delicious dish.  Too bad I didn’t about ramen hacks in college.

Chicken Ramen Recipe
Ramen Noodles

Ramen Shops

If you want to learn more about ramen, and where to find some popular ramen shops read my post, Ramen: New York, Chicago and How it Became so Popular.

More Remedies

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