Why You Need Vernors Ginger Ale and Ginger Ice Cream for Thanksgiving

Candied Ginger for Ginger Ice Cream
Candied Ginger

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s definitely time to start planning the menu. Last year I wrote a post about how the stomach soothing properties of ginger make Vernors Ginger Ale a favorite accompaniment to a Michigan Thanksgiving dinner. As a popular holiday spice, ginger conjures up memories of fun and celebrations. Nevertheless, when I read Melissa Clarks’ recipe for ginger ice cream in the New York Times, my first thought was what a soothing end it would be to a big meal. I had to try it!

Ginger Root
Cinnamon Sticks for Ginger Ice Cream
Cinnamon Sticks

Ice Cream Recipe

I love bold flavors, and ginger is one of my favorites. Spiceography describes it as “hot, zesty and biting yet sweet and warm.” Melissa Clark’s recipe is flavorful and revs up the spice quotient further by also infusing the custard with cinnamon and clove. The instructions are simple, and even better, it can all be done in advance. In fact, other than separating and stirring in the egg yolks, most of the recipe involves simply giving time for the custard  to cool, infuse or churn.

Cloves for Ginger Ice Cream

Ginger Ice Cream

It’s a great recipe. The ice cream is delicious.  Additionally, I think the small chunks of candied ginger will be the perfect digestion aid to follow a heavy holiday meal. I’m putting it on the menu!

Dish of Ginger Ice Cream
Ginger Ice Cream

Ginger Ale Cocktail

If your guests want something stronger than the effervescent splash of Vernors to go with their Thanksgiving dinner, try some ginger ale cocktails. Some favorites are ginger ale and whiskey (popularly known as rye and ginger in Canada) or gin, ginger ale and lime. Just add a jigger of your favorite libation to ginger ale and ice.


Learn why Vernors is the best ginger ale in my post, “Vernors Ginger Ale and Why You Want it for Thanksgiving.” For more holiday dessert ideas try my recipe recommendations for apricot chocolate rugelach and an easy tiramisu.


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