Why You Need to Try Gourmet Gyros

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)
Gyros Sandwich

 Trying Gyros

I thought I knew about gyros. I was introduced to the sandwich by my mother when I was twelve. They were at a stand at an indoor market, when those places were more hippy then hipster. The proprietor, Olga, called the sandwich a souvlaki. She sliced grilled meat off a vertical rotisserie and layered it on warm pita with raw vegetables and yogurt sauce.  It was tangy, messy and delicious. I was hooked, but I was not alone. The stand blossomed into a regional Michigan chain known as Olga’s Souvlaki.

Gyros or Souvlaki

Until Yeero Revolution opened in Chicago neighbor, Evanston, I thought the names interchangeable. I now know that gyros and souvlaki are two different kinds of Greek sandwiches. At Yeero Revolution, Greek sandwiches are taken to the next level through a variety of new interpretations.

Yeero Revolution Box
Yeero Revolution Sandwich Box

Gyros and Souvlaki Differences

The true difference in the sandwiches is in the meat preparation.  Gyros meat is spit- roasted. Souvlaki meat is seared and grilled.

Chicken Souvlaki at Yeero Revolution
Chicken Souvlaki

Yeero Revolution Sandwich Fillings

The sandwiches at Yeero Revolution start traditionally.They feature pita filled with the meat of choice, tomato, sliced raw onion and sauce. Fries are another sandwich topping. Similar to poutine, the meat, potato and sauce make a tasty combination. The sauces at Yeero Revolution also set it apart from other Greek restaurants. In addition to the traditional Tzatziki Sauce (cucumber, yogurt and garlic,)  Yeero Revolution features Revolution Sauce, Avacado – Yogurt Sauce and Sriracha – Yogurt Sauce as sandwich toppings. My favorite sandwich is the Chicken Yeero with Revolution Sauce.

Yeero Revolution Bag
Yeero Revolution Logo

Gourmet Gyros and Souvlaki

Yeero Revolution describes their sandwiches as Greek street food. Nevertheless the range of choices reflect the influence of foodie culture on fast/casual restaurants. Similar to places like Shake Shack, Frontera Fresco and Edzo’s Burger Shop, the restaurant caters to diners who seek high quality food even when dining casually. Sandwich choices range from decadent pork belly to healthy chicken.

Beyond the Sandwich

When I want a light meal, or something to share, I get the 3 Spreads and Pita. Smoky charred eggplant and spicy cheese perfectly compliment one of the cool piquant yogurt dips. Sides of souvlaki skewers can also be added for a bigger feast.

Greek Coca Cola Ad
Art at Yeero Revolution


Like most Greek restaurants Yeero Revolution offers delicious homemade baklava. Nevertheless, my dessert preference is the Greek Yogurt. The toppings include both traditional and more unique choices. I like my yogurt with homemade fig marmalade and walnuts. Nutella, and more traditional honey are also available.


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