5/2 Fast Meal Plan and Diet Tips

500 Calorie Intermittent Fasting Schedule


100 Calorie


100 Calorie


100 Calorie


200 Calorie

Intermittent Fasting Diet Day

A 100 calorie meal is not a lot of food. However, since intermittent fasting is hardest at the beginning, spreading out the calories throughout the day reduces the feelings of hunger. I found this plan worked well with the 5/2 Diet approach to intermittent fasting.

How to Feel Full

In order to feel full, I lavish the majority of my calories on lean proteins and use the remainder on fresh or steamed vegetables.

Making Meals Look Bigger

I put my meals on a salad or lunch plate. It makes me feel like I am having a more generous portion.


If I want wine with dinner, I put 2.5 ounces (approximately 70 calories) in a tiny glass. A full glass or plate makes me feel less deprived.

Small Indulgences

If I crave a little something sweet or salty I use the snack calories. A cup of popcorn or a bit of dark chocolate keeps me between meals. I also chew gum, it even comes in dessert flavors.

Calorie Free

Some of the best calorie-free approaches to increasing time between meals are flavored waters, coffees or teas. Some people find inhaling the scent of olive oil or peppermint reduces food cravings.

Other Diet Suggestions

For more ideas about lifestyle changes that encourage weight loss and maximize nutrition, read my post, Why I make a Different Type of New Year’s Resolution. If you want a 100 calorie meal, try my Soft Boiled Egg and Asparagus. My recipes section also has many easy, healthy meal ideas.