Why You Need to Try Chicago’s Amazing Mango Pickle

I first discovered Indian food in New York’s East Village. The exotic flavors of 6th Street mirrored the colorful world of my new life.

New York’s East Village

Now that I live in Chicago I have favorites on Devon Avenue, the city’s popular strip of Indian clothing stores, food shops and restaurants. Nevertheless, I’m always looking for a fresh approach to the cuisine.

Shopping Finds from Chicago’s Devon Avenue

Mango Pickle, 5842 N. Broadway St., in the nearby Edgewater neighborhood is my new India favorite restaurant. Featuring farm-to-table dining and craft cocktails, it is an innovative modern bistro. The restaurant offers a small selection of Western Indian dishes, traditional favorites and Indian inspired recipes.

Mango Pickle

The menu begins with small bites, and specials are always available. I started with grilled shrimp on papadum, the perfect melding of familiar flavors with original presentation.

Shrimp Special at Mango Pickle

For a vegetable I chose my favorite, saag paneer. Happily the dish was made traditionally, just the way I expected. Seasonably prepared, I was surprised it was enhanced by kale and mustard greens. Also a topping of cauliflower, mushrooms, cashews and almonds make it powerhouse vegetarian dish.

Saag Paneer at Mango Pickle

Although the sides feature an interesting selection of vegetarian rice dishes, I couldn’t resist the chewy slow – rise naan.

Mango Pickle’s Slow-Rise Naan

Larger plates include delicious Slagel Farms lamb as a regular special of featured cuts. Also not to be missed is the tender and flavorful house specialty, butter chicken masala.

Butter Chicken Masala at Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle’s consistent quality and inventive preparations make it unique experience. Give it a try the next time you want a fun night of dining.


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  1. Ooh yum – seems like a great option for exploring innovative, contemporary cuisine


    1. It’s a fun place to try new things!

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