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Not Scary Spider Sushi Roll
Not Scary Spider Sushi Roll


Like most major cities, Chicago has a wealth of sushi restaurants. While I like to try the newest and most authentic spots, I most often have sushi delivered.

Make It Better

Although Evanston has both neighborhood and date-night sushi places, my favorite local sushi purveyor is Wilmette’s 153 Akira at 1137 Greenleaf Ave. A welcoming neighborhood restaurant, it has developed a reputation for quality. In 2015 it won Make It Better‘s Best Sushi Restaurant.

 Best Sushi Restaurant 2015
Make It Better’s Best Sushi Restaurant 2015

153 Akira

153 Akira offers a wide selection. My favorites are the sushi bar appetizers, the fusion rolls and the poke bowls. Traditionalists enjoy the the high quality of the sushi and sashimi options. There are also plenty of choices for people who don’t eat raw fish, including both noodle soups and traditional Japanese entrees.


My devotion to 153 Akira began when I tried the the sushi bar entrees. The Hamachi Ponzu and Tuna Tar Tar transported me back to a meal I’d had at Nobu, without the high prices. Traditional “kitchen appetizers” such as the Negi Beef Roll and Edamame are also also delicious.

Bowl of Edamame

Fusion Rolls

In addition to classic rolls, 153 Akira has a list of more than 20 unique fusion rolls. My order usually includes the Not Scary Spider (softshell crab, avocado, tuna and cucumber topped with pineapple sauce, eel sauce and tobiko) and the Red Ocean (Spicy tuna and cucumber topped with seared tuna, spicy mayo, eel sauce and tobiko.)

Red Ocean Sushi Roll
Red Ocean Sushi Roll at 153 Akira

Poke Bowl

My new favorite “healthyish” meal is poke. Protein and vegetables on a bed of brown rice feels virtuous when I’ve had too many desserts. Fortunately 153 Akira has added poke bowls to their menu. I like the both the tuna – based Hawaiian Classic and the Salmon Obsession.

Under the Weather

When I have a cold, I like soup for dinner. If I don’t have chicken noodle in the freezer, I order the Tempura Udon from 153 Akira. A broth – based soup topped with shrimp and vegetable tempura, it always warms me up.

Chicagoland Dining

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